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SP launches EZ-2 4.0 evaporator range

Published on 11/10/2021

SP Industries has announced the launch of its new SP Genevac EZ-2 4.0 Benchtop Evaporator series for fast, safe and environmentally-friendly removal of commonly used solvents and acids.


Reproducible, efficient phospholipid removal

Published on 7/10/2021

Porvair Sciences has introduced a new and improved version of its Microlute PLR phospholipid removal microplate.


UPM Biomedicals and PerkinElmer collaboration

Published on 5/10/2021

UPM Biomedicals has entered into an agreement with PerkinElmer Health Sciences for the life sciences leader to act as distributor of the GrowDex and GrowDose product range.


Detecting sepsis earlier in A&E

Published on 29/09/2021

Beckman Coulter has announced the results of a prospective study carried out across two European hospitals that could lead to earlier detection of sepsis in A&E.


Eliminating waterborne contaminants

Published on 27/09/2021

Cell culture labs with CO2 incubators and water baths can benefit from a new product designed to safeguard incubators from waterborne contaminants.


High efficiency hydrogenation biocatalysis

Published on 24/09/2021

HydRegen are using an Asynt DrySyn OCTO reaction station to help develop a next-generation biocatalyst system that enables cleaner, safer, and more efficient chemical manufacture.


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