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Sample homogeniser is quick and efficient

Published on 9/09/2019

Porvair Sciences has announced their new Chromatrap Homogeniser Spin Column, which provides a quick, cost-effective way to homogenise cells and tissues lysates in a single step.


Single molecules get PCR-free target enrichment

Published on 6/09/2019

Samplix has announced the commercial launch of its Xdrop sample preparation products for PCR-free target enrichment that maintain PCR-level specificity.


Early-stage precision medicine biotech investment

Published on 4/09/2019

Life science incubator and business collective, BioCity, has announced investment in precision medicine biotech, Kinomica Ltd, via the Innovate UK Precision Medicine Investment Accelerator.


Separating and characterising nanoplastics

Published on 3/09/2019

Postnova Analytics has published a new application note that demonstrates the promise of Electrical Asymmetric Field Flow Fractionation technology for separation and characterisation of nanoplastics in the environment.


Showcasing the laboratories of the future

Published on 30/08/2019

UK lab tradeshow, Lab Innovations, will be a one-stop showcase of new products and various aspects involved in future-proofing the laboratory.


Natural Born Killer Cells

Published on 29/08/2019

AMSBIO has reported on a research paper from the Malmberg Lab at Oslo University Hospital and the Norwegian Radium Hospital Institute for Cancer Research (Norway) about understanding how Natural Killer cells are educated.


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