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Fighting age: the next big industry?

Published on 31/10/2019

Proper research funding could help propel Britain to the forefront of a lucrative new industry – combatting the effects of ageing – according to Professor Richard Faragher.


Flow chemistry needs matched

Published on 29/10/2019

Uniqsis are reporting increased interest from scientists wanting to invest in a flow chemistry system matched to their application needs.


New microfluidic chip for Telos

Published on 23/10/2019

Dolomite Microfluidics has launched a number of new microfluidic chip options for its innovative Telos system.


Reporter gene assays improved

Published on 22/10/2019

AMSBIO has announced two new Luciferase assay kits designed to help you improve your gene reporter assays.


Innovation Award for Tomocube

Published on 21/10/2019

Tomocube has won the Microscopy Today 2019 Innovation Award for their HT2 holotomographic microscope.


F1 cars get improved flow measurement

Published on 16/10/2019

A high-performance engine company has been using Titan Enterprises’ flowmeters to monitor the oil flow lubricating its turbo units on the test bench.


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