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Cherry-picking sample tubes

Published on 23/06/2021

Ziath has posted a new video demonstrating how its Mohawk semi-automated tube selector is a productive and versatile tool for cherry-picking tubes from multiple racks.


Water leak prompts sustainability drive

Published on 21/06/2021

The University of Vienna’s Maulide Group says a devastating water leak in a nearby chemistry lab prompted them to search for alternative, water-free options to Liebig condensers for refluxing.


Early CMC development expansion at Sygnature

Published on 17/06/2021

Drug discovery contract research organisation Sygnature Discovery has announced the setup of a state-of-the-art Early Candidate Developability Screening Group.


CPD meeting on exotic parasite testing

Published on 14/06/2021

HORIBA UK Limited has announced that it is to host an online CPD meeting focusing on ‘Exotic Parasites – The Importance of Testing in the Imported Dog’.


Sustainability step for INTEGRA

Published on 10/06/2021

INTEGRA Biosciences has made significant progress towards its goal of minimising its ecological footprint with the installation of new photovoltaic systems at the company’s US facilities in Hudson, NH.


analytica Lab Africa 2021 cancelled

Published on 8/06/2021

analytica Lab Africa 2021, the only trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology and diagnostics in South Africa, has been cancelled.


COREX opens Kazakhstan office

Published on 7/06/2021

COREX Logistics has announced the establishment of a representative office in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to serve the needs of international pharma and biotech conducting clinical research in the country.


Beckman Coulter launches Access AMH Advanced

Published on 3/06/2021

Beckman Coulter, a leader in diagnostics and infertility testing, has announced the launch of an AMH test that uses a validated cut-off to aid in the assessment of poor ovarian response.


Removing uncertainty from results

Published on 1/06/2021

TESTA Analytical Solutions has reported widespread interest from European laboratories for performance qualifying their particle size, zeta potential and GPC/SEC instruments.


Rapid gDNA removal

Published on 27/05/2021

Porvair Sciences has launched Chromatrap gDNA Removal Columns that quickly remove unwanted genomic DNA from RNA samples.


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