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Gluten characterisation without the fuss

Published on 29/04/2020

In an informative applications article, Postnova Analytics has demonstrated how its AF4 tech can be used, with no sample pre-treatment, to separate large gluten proteins and provide accurate molecular weight and molecular size data.


Live-cell imaging systems donated

Published on 27/04/2020

CytoSMART Technologies is donating 100 mini live-cell imaging systems to researchers in high containment labs worldwide, to benefit those working to combat COVID-19 and reduce the huge workload it has caused.


A green condenser replacement

Published on 24/04/2020

Asynt’s CondenSyn Waterless Air Condenser is a proven ‘green’ replacement for water-cooled condensers and suitable for greater than 95% of all chemical reflux applications.


Instrument-free COVID-19 test accelerated

Published on 23/04/2020

Sense Biodetection Limited has announced an accelerated programme to launch the world’s first instrument-free, point-of-care molecular diagnostic test for the coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.


Partnership accelerates coronavirus research

Published on 22/04/2020

UCL academics are working with Causaly to help accelerate various aspects of research into the COVID-19 pandemic, including identification of biomarkers and potential therapeutic agents.


Lab equipment loan from Sygnature

Published on 20/04/2020

Sygnature Group is supporting the UK Government’s COVID-19 testing strategy with the loan of a key piece of state-of-the-art liquid handling equipment.


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