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Beckman Coulter launches Access AMH Advanced

Published on 3/06/2021

Beckman Coulter, a leader in diagnostics and infertility testing, has announced the launch of an AMH test that uses a validated cut-off to aid in the assessment of poor ovarian response.


Removing uncertainty from results

Published on 1/06/2021

TESTA Analytical Solutions has reported widespread interest from European laboratories for performance qualifying their particle size, zeta potential and GPC/SEC instruments.


Rapid gDNA removal

Published on 27/05/2021

Porvair Sciences has launched Chromatrap gDNA Removal Columns that quickly remove unwanted genomic DNA from RNA samples.


UV-Visible flow chemistry accessory

Published on 25/05/2021

Designed for use with almost any commercial flow chemistry system, Uniqsis’ high-performance Flow-UV UV-Visible spectrophotometric detector fits conveniently into even crowded fume cupboards.


New biotinylated Heparan Sulfate antibodies

Published on 20/05/2021

AMSBIO has launched two new biotinylated formats of the 10E4 Heparan Sulfate antibody (high and low biotin) along with a starter pack to allow scientists to test both formats at a reduced cost.


NovAliX expands cryo-EM capabilities

Published on 18/05/2021

NovAliX, a drug discovery-focused Contract Research Organisation, has announced the expansion of its cryogenic electron microscopy technology capability.


Advancing the synthetic chemistry frontier

Published on 13/05/2021

School of Chemistry researchers at the University of St Andrews are using Asynt’s DrySyn Spiral Evaporator to synthesize novel reactive colloidal nanoparticles that present an exciting tool to create new ‘smart’ nanomaterials.


CytoSMART’s new fluorescence cell counter

Published on 10/05/2021

CytoSMART Technologies has announced the release of its first fluorescence cell counter, the Exact FL: an automated, high performance, dual fluorescence cell counter with an expanded field of view.


INTEGRA’s new serological pipettor

Published on 7/05/2021

Anion dysregulation is seen in numerous diseases, from cystic fibrosis and chronic pain, to autism and cancer. Researchers at the University of Dallas are investigating anion transport in vivo.


New CFO for Teknova

Published on 6/05/2021

Teknova, manufacturer of cell culture media and supplements, protein purification buffers and molecular biology reagents, has announced Matt Lowell has joined the company as Chief Financial Officer.


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